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What Programs do the Top Corporate Wellness Companies Offer?

It’s hard to deny that the world today is more wellness-minded than ever before, and the corporate world is no exception.

In a significant way, forward-thinking employers and a new generation of workers led the charge to bring the wellness initiative to where it is today. There’s no denying that a company’s wellness program can make a big difference in the organization. It’s valued by potential employees and can impact its ability to attract top talent.

There’s no denying that a company’s wellness program can make a big difference in the organization. It’s valued by potential employees and can impact its ability to attract top talent.

Implementing a wellness program doesn’t have to be difficult, but what the top corporate wellness companies offer goes a long way in setting them apart and making them an attractive place to work.

Read on to learn about some of the best offerings, and how you can make sure that your office stays competitive with the top corporate wellness companies operating in today’s market.

1. Step Counters

At its core, wellness is about health and nothing has done more to promote a healthy lifestyle than step counters and fitness wearables.

By tracking how many steps a person takes in a day and providing a goal number, fitness wearables hold users accountable for moving throughout the day and getting a certain amount of exercise.

The top corporate wellness companies have gotten in on the trend in various ways. Some provide their employees with the trackers or offer them discounts to purchase one.

Many will offer company-wide competitions that encourage their employees to reach or exceed a specific amount of steps over a set period of time, and then reward the winners with additional benefits like more vacation time or cash bonuses.

By incorporating accountability into their wellness offerings, companies create a culture where employees feel valued for being healthy.

2. Mindfulness

The top corporate wellness companies understand too that health is more than just physical.

Mental health and wellness is being taken more seriously now than ever before, and employers are recognizing that by offering employees different ways to practice and prioritize mindfulness.

Company-wide meditation classes have become more popular, and create a sense of community mindfulness which can be especially important in more competitive industries.

Other ways the employers promote mindfulness is by encouraging employees to actually take their lunch hour or short breaks throughout the day so that they clear their head and recharge.

Some companies have even gone so far as to create spaces where their workers can take a brief nap, allowing their minds to shut off for a little while and then return to their work reenergized.

3. Healthy Food

Offering employees free food is nothing new, and offering unlimited snacks is still a great way to catch the eye of potential employees who are comparing you to your competitors.

What’s different is the kind of food that companies are now offering to reflect the changing wants of their employees.

From corporate cafeterias to break room snack drawers, the top corporate wellness companies are getting a complete makeover. Many of them will even consult with nutritionists and chefs to make sure that the food available to employees will support overall health and wellness goals, be better for productivity as well.

4. Stress Management

The corporate world is more demanding now than ever before, and the top corporate wellness companies recognize that this affects employees as well. Not only are we being asked to do more to remain competitive within our careers, but our personal lives keep us busier too.

Offering stress management resources to employees is a great way for employers to communicate an important message. That, while they expect a certain level of work, they do not want or expect employees to run themselves into the ground.

An employee who feels that his happiness is respected at work–and who is given the tools to manage stress to maintain that happiness–will always do a better job at the office and will feel supported even when he or she is off the clock.

5. Unlimited PTO

Unlimited personal time off is becoming more common among the top corporate companies. Employers realize that employees are not abusing the program and that the offering doesn’t have a negative impact on productivity.

In fact, just because companies have an unlimited PTO plan doesn’t actually mean that workers are taking more time off than they would have otherwise. And those who do, tend to be more productive when they are actually in the office.

What many top corporate wellness companies have realized is that offering unlimited PTO goes a long way in establishing goodwill, and makes employees feel that their work-life balance is important.

6. Financial Wellness

The overall quality of someone’s life can be very dependent on their financial standing, and the top corporate wellness companies are recognizing this.

One of the newest trends in corporate wellness is offering employees tools to take control of their financial wellbeing.

This may mean offering classes on financial literacy, encouraging employees to save with matching 401k programs, or even in some cases offering tuition matching or loan relief.

Employees who are preoccupied with a difficult financial situation will have a hard time focusing on their work, so offering these types of programs as part of an overall corporate wellness package makes sense for both the employer and the employee.

Guiding Principles

When deciding how to implement a wellness program or what services to offer, the most important thing that the top corporate wellness companies do is value their employees as whole people, not just people who come into an office and sit at a desk.

This guiding principle is why so many of the top corporate wellness companies offer programs that improve both an employee’s physical and mental health. It’s also why these programs aim to find ways to help employees make the most of their time outside of the office.

For more information on who the top corporate wellness companies are, what they do, and how you can create a wellness program that makes sense for your business and your employees, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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