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A Guide to the Top Corporate Health and Wellness Companies

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the demand for corporate health.

Healthy employees are good for business. They take less sick days, are often more productive in the office, and are genuinely happier. In addition, employees who see their company as concerned about their health and needs are more loyal to their employers.

That means companies aren’t just doing this for the good publicity or moral benefits. They’re seriously engaging with health programs to benefit their employees.

Here’s a guide to some of the best companies in the world for health and wellness.


Google is one of the most powerful tech giants in the world. One of the ways they’ve reached this point is their ability to scale things to the individual needs of their customers.

So it should come as no surprise that they do the same for their employees.

The legendarily employee-friendly company boasts some of the best on-site benefits in the world.

Along with the usual on-site gyms and stellar health insurance, they offer physicians and chiropractors at many of their offices.

They also focus on flexibility as an element of employee health and take pride in offering vacation time and the ability to work from home or take flex-days.

So if you can manage to work for Google, you’ll be well-taken care of.


Zappos is a purveyor in shoes and sneakers, meaning that athletes are a huge part of their customer base.

So it should come as no surprise that fitness is a big part of the company’s corporate health agenda.

Zappos offers employees the opportunity to engage in on-site exercise courses ranging from self-defense to yoga. They even offer a fitness “boot camp” for employees.

In addition, employees are given stations on-site to check blood pressure, weight, and body fat percentage.

Overall, Zappos is a great place for employees looking to make improvements to their physical health.

Mars, Inc.

When you think about health, the creators of M&Ms and Twix probably doesn’t come to mind.

But Mars, Inc actually has a stellar corporate wellness package that they offer to their employees.

Mars encourages their employees to eat healthily. They’re offered healthy meals, and nutritional information goes on company menus.

They also encourage exercise with onsite gyms, company sports teams, and exercise challenges encouraging positive growth.

Mars is particularly remarkable in how they scale their health and fitness programs to the individual needs of their employees. Their corporate health agenda includes counseling services and rewards for making healthy like choices such as quitting smoking.

So while a candy company may not seem like the best place to get healthy, this one is actually pretty sweet.

Motley Fool

Finance company Motley Fool has been called “the healthiest workplace in Washington.”

Their comprehensive packages offer great options for employees looking to get in shape and stay in shape.

Their plan starts with providing flexibility to their employees.

Motley fool employees get to customize their schedules and hours worked. That means they avoid the problems that plague overworked employees.

Employees are also encouraged to have a healthy commute. An onsite bike rack makes it easier to bike to work than drive, which is great for employee health.

They also get ample time off and health insurance for $4 per paycheck. But the place Motley fool really benefits is the wide variety of wellness programming they give their employees.

Subsidized massages are offered for members of the company who deal with stress (which is a lot of members in any finance company,) and free in-house spin and kettlebell classes are also offered.

The company also has an annual health fair. At this fair, employees can get their health assessed for free. Even snacking is healthy, with a fridge and pantry constantly stocked with healthy food.

General Electric

GE is a lot more old school than a lot of the other companies on this list. But this is just proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

One of the corporate health policies that have attracted a lot of attention for the business giant is its vacation policy. 43% of GE’s salaried workforce gets unlimited vacation time.

And while this may seem a bit unheard of, it’s actually smart. When you let your employees take the time off they need, you get far more effective members of the workplace.

In addition, GE offers its employees some of the best health care there is. Employees can get a second opinion on health diagnoses at no cost, free preventative screenings, and more.

They also take a major step towards improving the health of employees by encouraging them to quit smoking. Employees who do not smoke get assistance in their efforts to quit, and also pay less in premiums than smokers.

Working for General Electric can be great for your general health.


Microsoft is one of the best companies to work for if you care about your health. And like many of the other companies on this list, they do this by understanding that the happiest employees are usually the healthiest employees.

The “campus social hub” offers on site retail and sports clubs. They offer social clubs for employees ranging from improv to kickball, and free food and beverages.

In addition, employees are offered highly flexible work hours and an informal office culture. Overall, this means that every employee is as happy and healthy as they can be.

Why Corporate Health?

Corporate health isn’t just about making people happy and being nice. It’s about your bottom line.

Healthy employees are more productive and cost you less money in the long run. And while we can’t all have the benefit-heavy campuses of Microsoft and Google, there is more to be done than just providing insurance for corporate health.

Our proactive health management plan is one of the best add-on programs on the market. It can be scaled to the needs of your employees to build happy and healthy employees.

We are one of the most devoted companies when it comes to providing corporate wellness, and would love to help you out. Contact us to learn more about proactive health management.

And for more information on corporate health, read our blog.

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