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A Glimpse Into the Future: What Will Your Next Wellness Plan Be?

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Maybe, this is why 87% of companies are beginning to take wellness plans more seriously.

There have already been countless studies showing the correlation between obesity and poor health to lifestyle choices. This includes where you work. For many Americans, working behind a desk or counter is common.

This means, most workers aren’t walking or moving much throughout the workweek. So, in turn, this leads to weight gain. Around 60% of employers say their wellness plan actually cut their health care costs.

So not only do the programs help with productivity, but it helps to cut expenses. Who wouldn’t want to boost profits and cut expenses at the same time? Imagine how much money your company could conjure up in the course of 10 years.

Now that we’ve covered how glorious wellness programs can be, let’s go into how wellness programs are going to evolve.

What Your Wellness Plan May Look Like in the Future

Employers are going over and beyond to help keep their employees happy and healthy. This means doing more than offering discounted and free memberships for the gym.

We can expect to see more innovation in this sector as employers compete to attract top candidates to their organizations. Here’s a quick look at the factors that will help shape wellness plans in the coming years.

More Flexibility in the Workplace

The infamous work-life balance – it’s finally being taken seriously by the men upstairs. Flexibility is probably one of the top desires of employees. The strict 9 to 5, Mon-Fri schedule has been overdone and change is needed.

In fact, it’s already been found that absenteeism stems from job dissatisfaction. Giving workers a more flexible schedule can improve job satisfaction.

For example, allowing certain positions to work from home three days out of the week or to come in at a later time could help in more ways than one. As we know, more sleep means better focus and productivity at work.

Schedules have to be flexible today because of the changes in family dynamics. The stay-at-home mom no longer exists, which means folks are juggling their schedules with their spouse, as well as their children.

This has to be taken into account when designing your wellness plan. You could even take a leap of faith and join brands like Netflix that offer unlimited paid time off.

That sounds like a financial nightmare waiting to happen, but businesses that have adopted this concept have seen great success.

Surprisingly, many workers don’t even use the days they’re entitled to throughout the year, let alone take extra days off. This means the workers are committing themselves. In most cases, the company has to create policies that encourage workers to take time off. Ironic, huh?

Encouraging a Healthy Mental Well-Being

Focusing only on the physical well-being of your workers is never a good idea. You should pay just as much attention to their mental well-being.

What this means is creating a workplace with low-stress levels. This can be done in a number of ways. For one, we all know how annoying and back-breaking some managers can be.

How about training your bosses to be more mindful of their workers and their mental state. Rather than placing more stress on an already stressed-out worker, they should give them a break or lend a helping hand.

Offering flexible schedules and better pay can also help lower stress for your employees. If the workspace is crowded, you can renovate to enhance the space or lease a bigger building.

Now, let’s look into the future and how technology will change how we develop a wellness plan.

Wearables for Weight Management

Companies are already investing in wearable devices for its workers. And they have in place a policy where workers have to meet certain walking-based challenges. These physical health initiatives are helping to shape a healthier workforce in America.

And we can expect companies to add and expand on these types of programs. Institutions like Emory University are even going as far as to purchase Fitbits for employees’ spouses.

Gamification, Social Networking Introduced into the Corporate World

Who’d a thought the day would come when workers would be encouraged to engage in gamification and social networking activities at work?

Employers are building social networking framework. They’re encouraging workers to make social interactions and maintain certain goals (thus the gamification).

The idea is to create monthly goals and other fun activities that will make the challenges more fun. After all, you want your workers to want to join in, not feel forced.

Tracking Sleep Habits of Workers

Fitbit and other wearables do more than just track how many steps you take. They can even keep track of how long you are asleep. We all know how important a great night’s sleep is for productivity.

These wearables can be used to make employees aware of how much sleep they’re getting (or not getting). This way, they can try harder to get more hours of sleep each night.

Personalized Wellness Programs

One recurring theme businesses have seen over the years is that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. We’ve incorporated this into our marketing strategies, but many have yet to implement it into their wellness programs.

Not all people have issues with weight and not all folks battle with stress. Personalizing your wellness plan is essential for it to work. Truth is, the more personal the program feels, the better the chances of it being effective.

It will Become Easier to Track Wellness ROI

Thanks to technology, it will be easier for businesses to see their ROI for wellness programs. This may be translated as a reduction in healthcare expenses, improved workplace productivity and/or a reduction in absenteeism.

You may even see better employee retention rates. All of this can show your wellness plan is excelling.

Ensure Your Employee’s Wellbeing

A wellness program is just as important as having a great healthcare plan. At Proactive Broker Network, we help businesses like yours find deals on health insurance.

Combine a great health plan with an excellent wellness plan and you could have a workforce that’s highly efficient. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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