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7 Great Benefits of Telemedicine for Employees

Looking for a happy, healthy workforce? Telemedicine could be the employee benefit you need.

Absenteeism costs US businesses over $200 billion annually. But employees will always need days off, whether it’s due to illness or trying to prevent it. So what can you do to get that productivity back?

Enter telemedicine. Many businesses are already using it to save time and money.

Below, we’re taking a look at 7 great benefits of telemedicine. If you’re thinking of adding it to your employee health plan, they might just convince you.

Absence Makes The Loss Grow Stronger

We all know time is money, but it really is amazing how the odd absence here and there adds up to so much lost productivity.

Health issues are a huge contributor to that. But it’s not even major illnesses that cause all the problems. Simple checkups or minor problems still take time out of the office.

Among the benefits of telemedicine is its ability to deal with issues without traditional appointments. That means employees can take less time out of the office to resolve smaller issues.

For employees with a long commute, that’s an even greater benefit. Their travel time alone could demand a whole day out to see their physician. Providing telemedicine allows them to tap into those services without losing working hours.

The Caring Touch

The modern workforce is grappling with a major issue of capitalism: the disposable employee.

Many employees want to feel like valued contributors to a company they form a relationship with. There aren’t many who enjoy being treated like a disposable part.

Providing telemedicine services show you care. Employees enjoying the benefits of telemedicine will likely think higher of you as an employer, which means they’ll work harder and be less likely to find an alternative job.

If you want to be a company whose brand creates a positive image (who doesn’t?), then looking after your employees is a sensible first step.

In the Sticks?

We touched on this earlier, but accessibility to healthcare is a real problem for some people.

If your business isn’t in a built-up area or is close enough to the countryside, you could have employees from all over the place. Employees in rural areas may struggle to tap into particular healthcare services.

This is especially true if they need any special medical care. Their local town may have a doctor’s office, but consulting with specialists may require a long journey.

Telemedicine cuts down the physical barriers involved in traditional healthcare. It can connect your employees with services and experts they may struggle to access through other means.

Encourage Engagement

It’s an unfortunate truth of healthcare that you can’t take care of someone who doesn’t engage.

There are plenty of reasons people fail to engage in their own healthcare. Some people feel anxiety or fear about going to a doctor. Some simply “can’t find the time”. Others are lucky enough (for now) to think of healthcare as something that only sick people need.

Sometimes it’s simply something we put off for tomorrow – you’ve probably pushed a routine appointment back a time or two yourself.

But many of us would enjoy longer, happier lives if we took advantage of healthcare more often.

Among the benefits of telemedicine is that it helps do away with some of those barriers.

Telemedicine largely removes the concerns of time and travel. It’s easy to engage with, and patients know they won’t have an unpleasant physical exam sprung on them during a check-up.

Make Savings

Providing employee healthcare will always cost you money. That’s fine, it’s usually a worthwhile investment. But the amount of money it costs could be up to you.

One study puts massive cost savings among the benefits of telemedicine. Employees using telemedicine often don’t need more traditional appointments. That means reduced healthcare costs for your business.

It’s a good feeling knowing you’re saving without skimping. Telemedicine is a genuine service that can help out your employees, so it makes sense to save money while also offering it as a benefit.

Stitch in Time

The majority of long-term health concerns start out small and can be minimized by early identification.

As we’ve mentioned, people often fail to engage with their own healthcare. Providing telemedicine services ups the likelihood that your employees will resolve problems before they become more serious.

That’s great news both for them and for you. Having an employee away on extended sick leave doesn’t just cost you in medical treatment, it also costs you in a business sense.

You’ll lose the work for that team member, perhaps for months. And if you can’t bear to do that, then you need to look at hiring a replacement member of staff.

Telemedicine is a great incentive for your employees to get niggling issues checked while they’re still in the niggling issue stage.

Shiny Happy People

Naturally, one of the greatest benefits of telemedicine might be the healthy workforce it promotes.

Staff morale is a tricky subject. You can do a lot to promote positive morale, but there’ll always be intangibles involved.

Giving your employees ready access to easy healthcare is a great way to cut down on those intangibles. Studies show a close link between mental and physical health – and mental health will always be a factor in morale.

And that’s not even getting to mental health concerns that telemedicine may help with.

Along with the direct benefits of positive health, you can enjoy your staff having a more positive outlook on your company.

Happy employees don’t simply work harder. They’ll often go to bat for your business, too – which means your employees can become your brand ambassadors at no extra cost.

Experience the Benefits of Telemedicine

Now you’ve read about the benefits, it could be time to experience them. Take another look at your company. Could it gain all these advantages and save money at the same time? This kind of thinking generally turns telemedicine into a no-brainer.

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