The PHMP Program

A first of its kind, fully insured program that can snap-on to any medical insurance plan

Employers receive immediate guaranteed ROI the 1st month via FICA tax savings

Potential positive effect on employers Workers Comp MOD factor

Prescription Drug Shopping Tool and Medical Services Shopping Tool

Improved employee presence/reduced absenteeism

The vast majority of employees receive 2-5% increase in take-home-pay

Significantly improved benefits package could help stabilize medical plan renewal

Telemedicine with no co-payment

Improved employee health through the use of a patented population health management process could help lower employer medical claims costs


PHMP Employee (4:43)

PHMP Employer (2:45)

Monthly Wellness Indemnity Benefits


Gives you access to a network of licensed doctors who provide 24/7/365 telemedicine visits for non-emergency illnesses.

Biometric Screening

Is performed at the workplace to identify risk factors for illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease up to ten (10) years before full onset.

Online Health Program Coaching

Uniquely tailored training and prevention programs are built to address your specific health needs and goals.

Telephonic and Electronic Health Coaching

Includes telephonic, text and email encounters. Health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavioral change by challenging you to identify your unique values and transform your goals into actions.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The PHMP includes an HRA to determine which aspects of your well-being require attention. PHMP professionals use the collected data to customize a program to fit each individual’s needs.

Telephonic and Electronic Professional Lifestyle Counseling

Includes telephonic, text and email encounters.
• Offers personal coaching that supports you in ways that peers and physicians often cannot.
• Our Coaches are trained professionals who know how to set-up a program that is designed specifically for you.

DNA Screening

Know More. Live Better.
The PHMP nutrigenomic profile provides you with an individualized report with powerful information to help you understand how your genetics and lifestyle may affect your diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Daily Health Screening Indemnity Benefits

The Proactive Risk Solutions PHMP provides many additional indemnity benefits to assess your current health. Those benefits include:

Bone Marrow Testing

Stress Test (Bicycle or Treadmill)

CA 15-3 (Breast Cancer)

CEA (Blood Test For Colon Cancer)

Chest X-ray

PSA (Prostate Cancer)

Serum Protein Electrophoresis (Myeloma)

Breast Ultrasound

Thermography (Infrared Photo)

Consumer Benefits

These benefits are included to add price transparency assisting members in becoming better healthcare consumers


Real Time Choices

A healthcare price transparency solution gives you the ability to shop for and receive a fair price for healthcare services.

Prescription Price Comparison Engine

World Leading Organizations

More Benefits – Lower Costs

KBA is one of the largest independent TPA’s in the United States, with over 550 employees and 2,500 corporate customers.


American Health Data Institute (AHDI), is KBA’s Population Health Management subsidiary, which developed the PHMP. AHDI has over 2 million members under management and holds 3 patents on their process of identifying and managing employees with chronic diseases.


PHMP is a fully insured group indemnity plan, underwritten by an A.M. Best A+ rated Carrier.

About Us

(The Proactive Us)

Since 2012, our executive team has been developing the world’s first Emergency Telemedicine service covering employees working in over 40 countries. We have worked extensively with large self-insured organizations, Third Party Administrators, along with the licensed brokers to deliver direct access to an emergency physician 24/7/365 worldwide. This was not inexpensive for businesses and it required the employer to pay upfront and in turn hope for the ROI.

A great solution needed to be easy and without risk for the employer and employee. The PHMP program offered this and more. So, we partnered with Key Benefit Administrators to have our team connect Brokers and Employers in all approved US States.

The PHMP program is a Snap-On fully insured product and is a first-of-a-kind solution that delivers instant impact and results to the employers’ bottom line while complementing the existing programs with a Guaranteed ROI.

Have you ever had a health program that delivers immediate ROI Guaranteed?

Why Proactive Brokers? Because proactive brokers recognize:
As a trusted advisor, you have an obligation to explore and deliver products and services for your clients that reduce risk and improve ROI.

A Proactive Broker Network Benefits professional shall uphold the highest ethical standards and commit to continuous education of the ever-changing insurance marketplace.

The Proactive Broker Network team is committed to providing the support you need to deliver the revolutionary, compliant Proactive Health Management Plan solution.

Senior Managers

Philip Tarazi
Co-Founder / CEO

A seasoned entrepreneur has developed 10 companies in various industries. Philip is our marketing and business leader, always willing to help the client and the team succeed. As CEO for over 25 years, his vast background helps us better understand the unique needs of our clients and brokers.

Philip Tarazi
Co-Founder / CEO
Timothy Doran
Co-Founder / President

Tim has orchestrated international medical solutions for India, China along with major projects throughout the US. Tim will transparently transfer knowledge to help you make better decisions, he's a seasoned insurance broker consulting our proactive broker network and large employer groups.

Timothy Doran
Co-Founder / President

Thanks to everyone at PHMP

“Thanks!” to you and everyone with PHMP. Bottom line is… I’m sleeping SOOO much better and just feel great. Thanks for all of PHMP’s help, resources and guidance. Please let me know if I can share anymore about this great program. Norm
Norm - PHMP Member

Amazing - Awesome

It was awesome! Within 10 minutes of the request, I was on the phone with the doctor. Within 10 minutes of that, I had a prescription called in for bronchitis and all without any time away from work.
Carol - PHMP Member

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